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Setlist Maker App Android. Setlist makes everything extremely fast and convenient! Open the settings app on your ios or android device, navigate to the bluetooth page, and pair your bluetooth device.

Set List Maker Appstore for Android
Set List Maker Appstore for Android from

Set list maker for ios, android and mac practicing with set list maker most people think of set list maker as a performance app, but it's also an invaluable practice companion. With the base app, you can use most of the functionality, including adding and importing songs, attaching documents and recordings, creating and sharing set lists and using custom song layouts on stage. Then create a show and add your songs to it.

Set List Maker Appstore for Android

You can organize your songs into a setlist. You can watch a tutorial video, or read on for more details: You can also email set lists in pdf or html format, or print good old paper set lists to keep it simple on stage. First, you'll need to find out whether the action you want to trigger has an associated midi message on the target app or device, and find out what that message is.