Android Intent Category Launcher_App

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Android Intent Category Launcher_App. Create an intent with action=main and category=launcher get the packagemanager from the current context using context.getpackagemanager packagemanager.queryintentactivity (, 0) where intent has category=launcher, action=main or packagemanager.resolveactivity (, 0) to get the first activity with main/launcher</p> Even i had been trying to launch the mainactivity via a library activity.

Life Online 【Android】Permission Denial starting Intent { act=android
Life Online 【Android】Permission Denial starting Intent { act=android from

My intention is to create a simple screen that tells you and provides button access to change the home default settings. Use openapp method when startappbypackagename method doesn't work. It is mostly used to start activity, send broadcast receiver, start services and send message between two activities.

Life Online 【Android】Permission Denial starting Intent { act=android

What is android manifest category? Intent is to perform an action. Standard categories are defined in the intent class as category_name constants. To generate a main intent with this category in the selector.